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We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPall and Oya Gift Certificate.
To use Oya Gift Certificate, enter the gift card number on the billing information page in Checkout.
Unfortunately at this time we cannot accept cash, CODs, checks, debit cards, or money orders.
For payments with visa and Mastercard, when you place the order, the amount is pre-authorized on your credit card. However we do not receive the funds till we bill you, which we only do after we process and ship your order. Some credit card company may show the amount of the transaction authorization on your credit card. However should we not process the transaction and ship the goods, the amount is reversed automatically after a number of days (usually 7 days but it depends on the credit card company).
For payment through paypall, the amount is directly charged when you place the order. Please note if you pay through your paypall account, there is usually a 7 days delay before we receive the funds and the transaction go through. We can not ship and Paypal instruct us not to, till the funds clear. As the transaction can be cancelled, our system can not reserve the items you have purchased till the funds clear. So we strongly recommend not using this payment method as by the time the funds cleared, there is no guarantee that the item is still in stock.
Cancel Transaction:
If you cancel a transaction before we process it, the credit card authorisation associated with your transaction will automatically lapse in few days (the number of days depends on the credit card issuing company but generally within 7 days). In the meantime, the transaction may still show on your credit card but it will be automatically reversed. Do not contact us to reverse the transaction on your credit card as we did not charge you nor can we reverse the authorisation amount. Please wait 7 days and it will lapse automatically. If in the menatime this affect your credit limit, please contact your credit card company and provide them with a copy of the cancelled transaction issued by our system.
For paypall transactions, the funds is usually transfered to our account once you placed your order. Cancelled transactions made through paypall are not automatically reimbursed; we will need to process these manually. We can not cancel or reimburse a pending Paypall transaction. We have to wait till it goes through before we cancel or reimburse the amount.

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