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Affiliate Program
Oya Costumes, Best Collection of Costumes on the Web! Welcome to Oya Costumes Affiliate Program! We are an internet costumes store operating year round with a great selection of costumes, accessories, mask and home decor. We sell quality license and non-licensed costumes that is not widely available in stores. While Halloween is our largest season, there is demand for our product year round, particularly as it is difficult to find costumes in stores outside the Halloween season.

We are a reliable online merchant with secure ordering and an excellent record of customer service. We process orders the same day and ship the same day or next day. We are based in Canada and ship to the US, Canada and Europe. Customers can shop in Ca$ or US$. We also carry a mirror French website.

Our affiliate program is managed through Shareasale, a highly regarded affiliate marketing network. Join them, become an affiliate and then select us as a merchant. We accept affiliates worldwide, although we favour those who have websites focused on the Canadian markets. We are looking for affiliates who have content and blog website, as well shopping mall sites. We do not anymore accept coupon style affiliates into our program. We offer 10% commission on sale and 30 days cookie tracking. Most of our costumes are priced between $30 to $70 and many of our customers buy more than one costume at a time.

That's It! The more sales you send us, the more you get paid - and there are no maximum payouts. Why don't you join our program today and start earning money right away? if you have questions or comments, write us at


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